Bombay Bicycle Club - I Had The Blues But I shook Them Loose (Live at Brixton & Studio Album)

by Bombay Bicycle Club


2x 12" LP, Deluxe Edition, gatefold sleeve

Live Album

A1          Emergency Contraception Blues
A2          Lamplight          
A3          Evening / Morning         
A4          Dust On The Ground     
A5          Ghost   
A6          Always Like This             
A7          Magnet
B1          Cancel On Me   
B2          Autumn             
B3          The Hill 
B4          What If 
B5          The Giantess     

Studio Album

C1          Emergency Contraception Blues
C2          Lamplight          
C3          Evening / Morning         
C4          Dust On The Ground     
C5          Ghost   
C6          Always Like This             
C7          Magnet
D1         Cancel On Me   
D2         Autumn             
D3         The Hill
D4         What If
D5         The Giantess

Mmm...Records, 2020
3529999 [0602435299990]

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