Blues Traveller - Hurry Up & Hang Around

by Blues Traveller

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Real magic happens when a cranked guitar chord, wailing harmonica, saucy beat, and soulful vocal conjure up a psychedelic scene, a warm family memory, or a romance-gone-wrong (or -right, for that matter). It's the 30th anniversary of Grammy award winner Blues Travelller, they went to the studio with Matt Rollings (Willie Nelson) to make a new record and celebrate this anniversary. After five weeks they left the studio with their 13th album 'Hurry Up & Hang Around' full of classic Blues Rock and great solo's. The New York based Blues Rock quartet was formed in 1988 and was part of a revival of the extended jamming style of '60s and '70s groups like Led Zeppelin.

1x 12" LP

1. Accelerated Nation
2. She Becomes My Way
3. The Touch She Has
4. When You Fall Down
5. The Wolf is Bumpin'
6. Daddy Went a Giggin'
7. Tangle of Our Dreaming
8. More Than Truth
9. Prayer Upon the Wind
10. Miss Olympus
11. Phone Call From Leavenworth
12. Ode From the Aspect


    BMG, 2018

    [Rock] [Blues Rock] [Classic Rock]