Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue

by Bibio


Mindblowing Warp debut for Bibio, destined to sit in the canon as one of the loveliest records in the catalogue. A hushed crackle ushers in Ambivalence... the lo-fi noise soon gives way to chiming guitars and the hazy hue of a lost 70s folk record. Gorgeous. Then the swift drop as Bibio stays in the 70s but with 'Jealous of Roses' lifts it up to the funk, where wah-wah guitar dust sounds like a blue-eyed Sly Stone.

From here he runs through these irresistible flavours but also finds space to explore cut-n-paste-post Dilla beat science  ('Fire Ant', 'S'Vive) euphoric, sun kissed highlife ('Lovers Carvings') and thick-n-hazy B.O.C broken psychedelia. A dizzying album, one of the best Bleep has heard in '09.


2x 12" LP, digital download

A1          Ambivalence Avenue    

A2          Jealous Of Roses            

A3          All The Flowers

A4          Fire Ant

B1          Haikuesque (When She Laughs)

B2          Sugarette          

B3          Lovers' Carvings

C1          Abrasion           

C2          S'vive   

C3          The Palm Of Your Wave

D1         Cry ! Baby !       

D2         Dwrcan


Warp Records, 2020 reissue

Originally released 2009


[Electronic] [Experimental] [Folk] [Trip Hop] [Psychedelic] [IDM] [Ambient]