Barry Reynolds - I Scare Myself

by Barry Reynolds

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Barry Reynolds earned his reputation in the 60s when he was working as a key session player in the Compass Point Allstars. It meant the start of his collaborations with among other Marianne Faithfull and Robert Palmer.

1x 12” LP, 180gr, Limited Edition reissue, 1,000 copies on Yellow vinyl, individually numbered 2018 Reissue

- A -
1. I Scare Myself
2. Irony
3. Guilt
4. More Money
5. Till the Doctor Gets Back

- B -
6. Broken English
7. Times Square
8. Over Here (No Time For Justice)
9. Give Me Love
10. The Bold Fenian Men

Music On Vinyl, 2018 Reissue

Originally released 1982

[Rock] [Reggae] [Funk] [Brit-Funk]