Audioslave - Audioslave

by Audioslave


We proudly present the album that left a deep and lasting impact on the music scene. Fronted by Chris Cornell, the RATM/Soundgarden supergroup gained huge popularity in their own right. The album was certified Gold in the USA within a month after its release.

2x 12" LP, 180gr, gatefold sleeve

A1. Cochise
A2. Show Me How To Live
A3. Gasoline
A4. What You Are
B1. Like a Stone
B2. Set It Off
B3. Shadow On the Sun
C1. I Am the Highway
C2. Exploder
C3. Hypnotize
C4. Bring Em Back Alive
D1. Light My Way
D2. Getaway Car
D3. The Last Remaining Light


Music On Vinyl, 2010 reissue

Originally released 2002

[Rock] [Hard Rock] [Alternative Rock]