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Original collaborators and friends of New York downtown legend Arthur Russell reinterpret classic and previously unheard Russell songs. "Arthur's Landing provides the living link from the downtown scene of '70s New York to the current post-everything culture of the 21st century dancefloor" (Time Out)

2x 12" LP, gatefold sleeve. Released 2011

1. Your Motion Says           

2. You Can't Go Back

3. Singing Tractors 64

4. Miracle 2

5. This Is How We Walk On The Moon: The Way Things Happen

6. Bobby

7. Love Dancing

8. Singing Tractors 12

9. It's A Boy

10. I'll Be Fencing

11. I Want To Change My Life

12. Singing Tractors 323


Strut, 2013

[Electronic] [Rock] [Pop] [Funk/Soul] [New Wave] [Country] [Funk] [Folk] [Pop Rock]