Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works '85-92

by Aphex Twin


R&S and Apollo Records present an official vinyl repress of this most classic and timeless album.
A lot has been written about this album, so there really is no need to write anymore. The vinyl uses the 2013 re-masters made from original DAT tapes cut by Matt Colton and presented in original artwork.


2x 12" LP, remastered

A1          Xtal
A2          Tha
A3          Pulsewidth
B1          Ageispolis
B2          I            
B3          Green Calx        
B4          Heliosphan       
C1          We Are The Music Makers
C2          Schottkey 7th Path
C3          Ptolemy             
D1         Hedphelym       
D2         Delphium          
D3         Actium



Apollo, 2018 reissue
AMBLP3922 [5055274703046]

Originally released 1992

[Electronic] [IDM] [Ambient] [Techno] [Electro] [Experimental]