Anemone - Silver Star

by Anemone

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Raw and psychedelic soundscapes, Madchester grooves and nineties Pop songs, Anemone started combining these elements in the spring of 2017. The band from Rotterdam played dozens of shows in their first year and recorded their debut album 'Silver Star' in August with Patrick Delabie, who also recorded the first The Afterveins LP of frontman Xander van Dijck. Beside the Afterveins, band members also played in The Medics and Moon Tapes. In the record collections of the band members, you'll find some nice albums of The Brian Jones Town Massacre/Oasis and during live shows you can hear people whisper about the Smiths. Perfect for your summer playlist.

1x 12" LP, 180g, limited edition 500 copies on coloured vinyl

1. Rubble Boy

2. Why Do I Worry

3. Sea Traveler

4. Best Friend

5. Treees

6. Proud To Be

7. Story of My Life

8. Where'd You Go


Music On Vinyl, 2018

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