And Oceans - Cosmic World Mother

by And Oceans


…And Oceans’ new album ‘Cosmic World Mother’ sees the Finnish metal outfit return to a ferocious black metal sound, combined with industrial and symphonic influences. The songs are bristling with creativity and energy, intertwining the …And Oceans sound with elements from the different projects the musicians have played in over the years. On the record, the six piece explores the transformations of physical and psychological energy. When we die, our bodies become energy for plants and animals… But what happens to the mind and the soul? The ‘Cosmic World Mother’ is at the heart of these streams of energy: the birthgiver, the one who transforms and the life-taker. All energy is eternal, it just changes forms…
1x 12" LP, Limited Edition, Silver vinyl, numbered

1. The Dissolution of Mind and Matter
2. Vigilance and Atrophy
3. Five of Swords
4. As the After Becomes the Before
5. Cosmic World Mother
6. Helminthiasis
7. Oscillator Epitaph
8. In Abhorrence Upon Meadows
9. Apokatastasis
10. One of Light, One of Soil
11. The Flickering Lights
Season of Mist, 2020


[Metal] [Black Metal]