American Culture - For My Animals

by American Culture


Denver, Colorado DIY band American Culture blend the sounds of tape warble from that mix-tape your best friend made you way back when, the one who knew all the best music you've never heard before that opened up new worlds to you with traces of dub, afrobeat, post-punk, college rock, stoner jams with touches of freedom rock, and endless punk sentiments, but not about destruction, but community.

1x 12" LP

1            Silence 
2            For My Animals
3            No Peace           
4            Small Talk          
5            Pedals  
6            Lude Dub           
7            Losing My Mind
8            I Like American Music   
9            Drug Dealer’s House     
10          1972     
11          Horoscopes      
12          Here She Comes             
13          Lude Dub Pt. 2  
14          Dub For Eagles 
15          Natural Violence



Happy Birthday To Me Records, 2021
HHBTM 207  [0760137445715]

[Rock] [Lo-Fi] [Indie Rock]