Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett - Synthesizer & Percussion

by Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett


1x 12" LP, 180gm, limited edition, remastered


A1          Mon Amour      
A2          Oddball
A3          Daytripper        
A4          Mile High Swinger (Vers. A)        
A5          Mile High Swinger (Vers. B)        
A6          Auto-Pilot          
B1          Pacesetter         
B2          Home Run         
B3          Driving Force    
B4          Action Man       
B5          Funky Chicken  
B6          Jolly Roger        
B7          Dumbo
B8          Plain Song         
B9          Fanfair


Be With Records, 2018 reissue
BEWITH050LP  [4260544826009]

Originally released 1974

[Funk/Soul] [Jazz] [Electronic] [Leftfield] [Disco] [Jazz-Funk] [Soundtrack]