A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory

by A Tribe Called Quest


importe de EEUU, contacto para la disponibilidad...


2x 12" LP, remastered, B&W labels


A1          Excursions

A2          Buggin' Out       

A3          Rap Promoter   

A4          Butter

B1          Verses From The Abstract

B2          Show Business

B3          Vibes And Stuff

C1          The Infamous Date Rape             

C2          Check The Rhime           

C3          Everything Is Fair

D1         Jazz (We've Got)             

D2         Skypager

D3         What? 

D4         Scenario


Jive, 1996 reissue

Originally released 1991

[Hip Hop] [Rap] [Jazzy Hip Hop]