Tonar H-Plugger (Hyper Elliptical Tip) MM Cartridge

by Tonar

Once, T4P (plug-in) was a very popular option for easily mounting and changing cartridges. The record players using this mounting standard have become more rare. because of that, most cartridge manufacturers have discontinued producing T4P-type plug-in cartridges. Now Tonar has launched the Tonar Plugger series of T4P plug-in cartridges with high-end models available again to suit all budgets. These T4P cartridges provide excellent sound reproduction at a modest price. Very few cartridge manufacturers offer T4P cartridges with Hyper-Elliptical and/or Shibata tips. Tonar is happy to provide these models. These Tonar Plugger cartridges offer excellent sound reproduction in the higher frequency ranges. the use of the Shibata tip also reduces record and stylus wear to the absolute minimum.