13th Floor Elevators - Rockius Of Levitatum

by 13th Floor Elevators


"Collection of 15 live tracks recorded at performances in Dallas, San Francisco & Houston, in 1966-67 when the Elevators were in their heyday and LSD was king!"

1x 12" LP, 180gm, Compilation 

A1          Roller Coaster
A2          You're Gonna Miss Me  
A3          Before You Accuse Me  
A4          Tried To Hide    
A5          Don't Fall Down
A6          The Word          
A7          I'm Gonna Love You Too
A8          You Don't Know
B1          Everybody Needs Somebody To Love     
B2          Splash 1             
B3          Monkey Island 
B4          Kingdom Of Heaven
B5          Fire Engine
B6          She Lives In A Time Of Her Own
B7          I've Got Levitation


Vinyl Lovers, 2011 
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