U.S.Girls - In a Poem Unlimited

por U.S.Girls


'In a Poem Unlimited' is the album from multi-disciplinary artist, Meg Remy, and like every U.S. Girls record before it, she’s moved another step on; this time its dizzying buffet of live grooves inverting the dusty, sample-based minimal textures of her euphoric 'Half Free'. Steered into focus with mixer/co-producer Steve Chahley and with artwork by Robert Beatty, many of the songs on In a Poem Unlimited are character studies of women grappling with power.

1x 12" LP, digital download

A1          Velvet 4 Sale

A2          Rage Of Plastics

A3          M.A.H.

A4          Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say?            

A5          Rosebud

A6          Incidental Boogie

B1          L-Over

B2          Pearly Gates

B3          Poem

B4          Traviata             

B5          Time


4AD, 2018

[Rock] [Indie Rock] [Pop Rock]