Uniting Of Opposites - Ancient Lights

by Uniting Of Opposites


Ancient Lights' is the debut album from Uniting of Opposites, the new musical venture from Tim Liken, Clem Alford and Ben Hazleton, bringing to life a melting pot of cultures and inspiration; using new technology as an opportunity to explore and merge aspects of Jazz, Electronica and traditional Indian musical styles.

1x 12" LP, digital download


A1          Mints   

A2          Ancient Lights   

A3          Car Number 27 / Mr. Alpo

A4          Dr. Roach          

B1          Vortex Number 9           

B2          The Uniting Of Opposites

B3          Corridor Moves

B4          Bird Solo


Tru Thoughts, 2018

[Electronic] [Jazz] [Folk] [Dub] [Ambient] [Psychedelic Rock] [Drone] [Soul Jazz] [Indian Classical] [World Music]