In 1954 Tonar was founded as an O.E.M supplier, specializing in the field of synthetic sapphire products, such as bearings for watches, gas meters and other instruments. These parts were sold to industrial users. Soon a phonograph cartridge manufacturer contacted us to purchase sapphire tips for their phonograph needles. This was the first step into what is currently their core business – replacement styli and cartridges for record players.

Now, almost 60 years later, Tonar has become the world’s specialist in the field of phonograph replacement needles, original needles, phonograph cartridges and accessories for vinyl. Tonar's current line consists of more than 3000 replacement needles and original needles, as well as more than 1000 different types of phonograph cartridges, both special shape, ½ inch mount, T4P-plug-in, crystal, ceramic, moving magnet, induced magnet, moving iron and moving coil type cartridges.

Tonar's cartridges and styli are mainly used in hi-fi record players but also in 78 RPM pathe-phone’s, vintage record players, jukeboxes, and by most disc jockeys worldwide. Tonar also offer a very comprehensive line of accessories to clean, store and maintain your valuable record collection. Even accessories for reel-to-reel- and cassette recorders, video recorders etc.