Q-UP Automatic Tonearm Lifter - special price while stock lasts

Q-UP Automatic Tonearm Lifter - special price while stock lasts

Ever fall asleep listening to vinyl, or get distracted and come back to find your needle still in the runout groove several hours later?

Q-UP is a simple but effective device designed to automatically raise the tonearm on manual turntables when the needle reaches the end of a side. 

Q UP Automatic Tonearm Lifter for manual turntables helps to preserve the life of your stylus

While stylus wear and the need to replace your stylus over time is inevitable, using a tonearm lifter is one way to help prolong the life of your stylus and protect your records from needless degradation.

With adjustable height and a relatively small footprint, Q UP is compatible with the vast majority of manual turntables on the market.  The sensitivity of its spring mechanism is also adjustable to cater for the weight of any tonearm & cartridge combination in order for a smooth lift off to be achieved.

Here it is in action:  

Whilst stock lasts the Q UP is being offered at a discount price of €34,95 - click here to see the product page


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